Training solutions designed for you.

We understand each business has specific training needs, requiring custom solutions. To get there, we’ve shaped a 4-step process designed to deliver the highest-impact training solution for your organization. Our team of training strategists, instructional designers and technology engagement experts will:

  1. Explore your business goals and rationale around training needs
  2. Work with you to find the training gaps
  3. Tailor a training format that builds knowledge and confidence
  4. Develop an assessment strategy to gauge effectiveness by measuring post-training knowledge, mastery and personal confidence

Customization options – Pick what’s best for you!

Our live programs can be set up as stand-alone events, or, pre-conference activities before AMCP Spring and Fall Meetings.

  • We select AMCP Faculty to fit with the learning objectives of each workshop.
  • Boosting the learning process, we can also create pre- and post-learning modules, recommended reading lists, and webinars enhancing your take-away from the live training event. All materials are available via an iPad/device-agnostic app. This supports training review, and grants access to yet-to-come AMCP tools and resources.

Remote Training solutions: E-learning tools, webinars, podcasts can be created to share foundational information or for continuing education.