AMCP’s e-learning programs focus on market-access training for life science companies. Our managed care pharmacy expertise and industry knowledge, combined with proven principles of adult learning theory and technical capabilities, enable us to create interactive and engaging programs for account managers and other audiences within your organization.
Each program and module is designed to be concise and organized into easily manageable segments. All of our programs are iPad and PC friendly and can be installed on an LMS or hosted for you on our system.

On-Demand Library

Our library of turnkey e-learning programs are updated annually and currently includes the following programs:

Value Based Contracting – Basic Training

Module 1: What are Value- Based Contracts?
Module 2: Value-Based Contracting Types and Terms
Module 3: Case Studies and Real World Examples
Module 4: Current Operational Challenges & Solutions I
Module 5: Current Operational Challenges & Solutions II
Module 6: Current Regulatory Challenges & Solutions I
Module 7: Current Regulatory Challenges & Solutions II

Fundamentals of Managed Care
Module 1: Evolution and Principles of Managed Care
Module 2: Pharmacy Benefit Management Toolkit
Module 3: From Contract to Bottle: Getting Medications to Patients
Module 4: Developing and Managing the Drug Formulary
Module 5: Trading Partners and Flow of Money in Managed Care Pharmacy
Module 6: Managed Care Pharmacy Clinical and Educational Programs
Module 7: Introduction to Specialty Pharmacy
Module 8: Health Care Reform and Impact on Prescription Drug Programs
Module 9: Medicare and Managed Care Pharmacy
Module 10: Medicaid and Managed Care Pharmacy
Module 11: The ABCs and Stars of Quality Measures

Group Purchasing

Health Care. What’s Next?

Pharmaceutical Information Exchange
Module 1: Pharmaceutical manufacturer’s readiness to engage payers


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